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AVCS has certified technicians for all computer, laptop & network issues.

We work with all brands and all computer devices, plus we offer a FREE complete diagnostics evaluation with an estimate.

All our repairs and services come with a 1 Year Warranty and our prices are typically 40% lower than our major competitors.

You can also purchase top quality upgrades or replacement parts for wholesale prices.

Please call, text or email us for price quotes on any computer, laptop or mac book part.


  AVCS Geek Squad
 Diagnostic Test & Problem Check FREE $129.99
 Computer Optimization $25.00 $129.99
 Software Suite Installation $25.00 $149.99
 Data Back Up & Transfer (10GB or under) $30.00 $199.99
 Data Back Up & Transfer (Unlimited) $40.00 N/A
 Memory Installation $20.00 $139.99
 Hardware Installation $20.00 $149.99
 Operating System Installation $55.00 $229.99
 Virus, Spyware & Mailware Removal $55.00 $299.99
 Complete System Recovery $80.00 $229.99
 In Home Computer Set Up $50.00 $129.99
 Wire Management $30.00 N/A
 Technology Consultation FREE $99.99
 Laptop - Screen Replacement $50.00 N/A
 Laptop - Keyboard Replacement $50.00 N/A
 Laptop - Internal Power Port Replacement $50.00 N/A
 Network Diagnostic Test & Problem Check FREE $129.99
 Set Up Wired & Wireless Network $90.00 $169.99
 Add A Device To The Network $40.00 $129.99
* Average pricing for services, please call, text or email for quotes *

Phone or Text: 630-935-7647     EMail:



                                                            ITEM DESCRIPTIONS                                                           


Diagnostic Test & Problem Check

AVCS will test all the software and hardware on your computer. Then we will diagnose and explain any problems facing your PC.

We will follow up with an estimate for repair and professional system advice, so you can make an informed decision regarding your next step.


Computer Optimization

We will remove unwanted programs, background services and ensure your PC is functional for everyday use.

We will ensure your computer or laptop runs smoothly and securely with this optimization service.


Software Suite Installation

We will install, repair, configure and update a software bundle of your choice.

We will also ensure it's running correctly with your operating system.


Data Back Up & Transfer (10GB or Under)

We will transfer up to 10.0 Gigabytes of data from your computer to any storage option.


Data Back Up & Transfer (Unlimited)

We will transfer an unlimited amount of data from your computer to any storage option.


Memory Installation

We will install internal RAM memory to your laptop or desktop.

We will also ensure it's working well with your computer for optimize performance.


Hardware Installation

We will install an internal or external PC component, such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive etc.

and configure it to work with your computer properly.


Operating System Installation

We will professionally install a complete operating system with proper drivers, software and updates.

We will also optimize your computer to be ready for performance.


Virus, Spyware, Mailware Removal

We will find all virus, spyware and mailware from your computer and delete them from there main source.

We will also repair any damage done from the virus and get your computer running like new.


Complete System Recovery

We will format your computer completely and load a fresh copy of the operating system.

We will also install updated software and drivers to ensure a proper stable running computer or laptop.

Your computer will be returned to you working better than brand new.


In Home Computer Set Up

We will set up your computer (including your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers etc.) and test your PC for proper functionality.

We also will make sure the wires are cleaned up and don't look cluttered.


Wire Management

We will clean up all the wiring and wrap it with the proper covers. This will make your set up look very clean.

This includes: Clean up of all the wiring, tie downs, cable wraps and heat shrink.


Technology Consultation

You can talk with a AVCS Technology Specialist about all your home technologies and get the advice you need.

We will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your home technology setup.


Laptop - Screen, Keyboard & Internal Power Port Replacement

Our Certified technicians will provide replacement services to your laptop device no matter what brand.

We are experts in replacing parts, no matter how big or small the damage might be.

We also provide a FREE 1 year warranty on this service, other retail shops only provide 30 days.


Network Diagnostic Test & Problem Check

AVCS will test your entire network wired & wireless. Then we will diagnose and explain any problems facing your network.

We will follow up with an estimate for repair and professional system advice, so you can make an informed decision regarding your next step.


Set Up Wired & Wireless Network

We will set up and configure your wired or wireless network connection with security encryption.

We will also test and ensure connectivity between router and devices are stable.

This includes two wireless devices.


Add a Device to Network

We will add any network capable device to your existing wired or wireless network.



Any questions or concerns? Please contact us, we'll be glad to help.

Phone or Text: 630-935-7647        EMail: